How To Stop Cat Scratching

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How to Stop Cat Scratching Furniture?

How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture animation Welcome.  If you are looking for cat training tips on how to stop frustrating cat scratching behavior?  You have come to the right place!  First let’s ask, “why do cats scratch furniture? To answer this question, let me explain what’s going on with your cat’s claws and why he or she engages in scratching behavior.

Cats Scratch to Shed the Outer Layer of their Claws

You cat’s claws is a retractable appendage withdrawn within sheathes above his or her toe pad. The cat extends its claws when needed in for defense or climbing
The claw contains nerve endings and blood vessels known as “the quick” which nourish it. It is extremely important that when you cut your cat’s claws that you don’t cut “the quick.” This would be very painful for your cat.
Your cat’s claw also consists of an outer cover made of layers of fibrous structural proteins known as keratin. This outer sheath sheds regularly, keeping your cat’s claws nice and sharp. This is why you will often catch your cat scratching the furniture, rugs or wallpaper – in an effort to facilitate the shedding of its claws keratin. This is also why it is important for you to provide your cat with an appropriate place to maintain his or her claws.

How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture ImageCats Scratch to Shed to Mark their Territory

Cats also can use scratching as a way to mark their territory and a way of communicating to other cats that they are in the area. Cats have sweat glands in their paw pads which, when rubbed against furniture or other objects, their scent is released. The visible scratches left when your cat scratches the furniture is also a way for your cat to boast how big and powerful he or she is. If you notice, your cat will often go reach up on his or her hindquarters to scratch downwards. The higher the markings, the bigger the cat.

Ok. Now we know why a cat scratches furniture, but how do I stop my cat scratching the furniture?
As we just discussed, there is a legitimate need for your cat to scratch and you will never be able to train your cat not to scratch. Your goal will then be to provide an appropriate place for your cat to scratch and furthermore deter him or her from scratching your furniture.
Like all cat training, stopping your cat from scratching the furniture will require patience and vigilance.

Clip Claws to Stop Cat Scratching

It helps by starting with the understanding that you must regularly help your cat maintain its claws by clipping them yourself. If you start this practice when your cat is a kitten, it will get used to being handled and clipped. If your cat is older and not used to it, wrap him or her up in a towel. Remember – you’re the boss! Don’t forget to stay clear of “the quick.”

If your cat has already taken to scratching a particular piece of furniture, place the scratching post in front of that location and sprinkle it with catnip. Hopefully, your cat will take to it right away. Sprinkle some catnip on the scratching post to make it a more attractive option.
Over time, move the post away from the furniture to the spot where you would like it to be permanently located.

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If your cat gets tempted and goes to scratch the furniture again, startle him or her with a loud noise or hit him or her with the trusty old water spray bottle.
The water doesn’t hurt your cat, but it does deter him or her. Personally, I prefer the loud noise method. You can rig a nice device using coins in a coffee can.

You can also attach special sticky tape to help in the training process.

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Pet supply stores also sell solutions that deter cats from scratching the furniture. Cats are repelled from scratching the areas on which they are applied.

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